Free Summer Camping Upstate for 15 South Bronx Families!

More Gardens! is asking you to donate and even become an "Ambassador" to our Free Upstate Summer Camp! Free? Why? 

Because many of our campers have parents who work 7 days a week for most of the year just to put food on the table. The same parents who year after year find ways to take off work and attend this camp with their children. Why?

More Gardens! with all our help provide, all free of cost and with much appreciation

  • Wilderness camping in premium camping sites, surrounded by trees, below the stars, with all the wonders of nature amidst them, 
  • Rock climbing with world class climbing school, 
  • Hiking in breathtaking NY State preserves, 
  • Swimming in crystalline mountaintop lakes,
  • Enjoy onsite, freshly cooked organic local foods grown in the Hudson Valley, 
  • Nutrition education & making locally picked herb salves with wise herbal teachers,
  • Storytelling, singing and music around the campfire, 
  • and hands-on farming with Hudson Valley Seed Company promoting native plants.

Please donate, share, and become an "ambassador" for this worthy cause.

Longer Explanation

During the camp children and their families are empowered to become the next generation of environmental leaders and community leaders by fostering a deep love of the outdoors while also learning and teaching life skills to improve their own wellbeing.  The committed parents who join our camp are often already community leaders, and on the one magical week they are able to take off in the summer, they chose to spend it building their children/family/community's confidence and having fun, positive experiences together.

Our camp grows trust, responsibility, team-work, confidence and self-acceptance for South Bronx children and families living  The camp employs a community designed program that encourages personal confidence, leadership, social and environmental skills through outdoor play and adventure. On returning home, the campers proceed to green the Bronx through contributing to urban farms and offering their community building and gardening skills to their neighbors while spreading the seeds of justice.


Thanks so much for checking out our More Gardens campaign! We at More Gardens! feel sure that once you read this, your decision to help this cause will be remarkably valuable. We would love your help as a More Gardens! ambassador.

*The families who come to our camp are living in the South Bronx amidst the highest rates of asthma, diabetes, and poverty in the country. Studies prove that the kinds of positive experiences our camp provides can have long lasting beneficial effects on the physical and mental development of children, giving them a leg up.

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